Residential AC Installation

Residential AC Installation

We take pride in providing the highest quality workmanship in our AC installation procedures by using high-quality materials to go along with your equipment and that meet or exceed state and local codes. To ensure that the installation process meets company standards, a supervisor or senior tech will review the job before its completion.

We provide free estimates on equipment including complete HVAC duct systems. Once the estimate is complete, we give you a proposal containing different options so we can work with your family’s budget–we also offer a financing option in order to help with your budget. We are here to help find the right system to fit your family’s needs and keep you comfortable all year long.

Free Estimates

We know you will be satisfied with our professional customer service–that’s why we offer free estimates for duct systems, furnaces, electrical air handlers, condensers, and heat pumps. We want to help you with your AC installation needs, no matter the situation or scope of work, so we offer budget solutions for everyone.

Our Labor Warranty

When you purchase a new AC and/or heating equipment from Quality Comfort Air, we provide you with a 1 – 2-year warranty on all items purchased with the equipment and a ten-year in-house warranty on workmanship

Equipment Warranty

Equipment warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer. Most warranties range from 5 – 10 years. There are some that have anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime parts replacement. Our consultant will provide the details of the warranty on the equipment you are considering purchasing for your home.

Get A Fast Response

We understand the importance of a fast response for your AC installation. Quality Comfort Air knows the investment you have mostly likely poured into your home and we want to help you preserve that investment by making your home a comfortable environment to live in. Call us today to begin you new AC installation and see how we provide outstanding high-quality services for the North Houston area.