Air Conditioner Tune Up

Technician Inspecting ACAir Conditioner Tune-Up in Spring, The Woodlands & Kingwood, TX

Similar to getting an annual physical from your doctor, getting an annual AC tune-up is vital to ensure your unit is running smoothly. Due to the Texas heat, we recommend AC maintenance service twice per year so that you don’t face any unexpected breakdowns. Your experienced technician will do a check on all moving parts to make sure your unit is running optimally and not costing you extra in energy bills. HVAC maintenance is an essential part of maintaining the efficiency and health of your system. In addition to residential services we also offer commercial AC maintenance.

If you are due for an air conditioning tune-up in Spring, The Woodlands, or the surrounding area, schedule an appointment with Quality Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating today! We are known for our honesty and expert-level knowledge. We are committed to delivering comfort at a price you can afford. We know the Texas heat and will make sure your AC will run smoothly all year long. Contact us online now for AC tune-up service!

Hot and Cold Thermometers Benefits of Air Conditioner Tune Up & Maintenance Service in Spring, The Woodlands, and Kingwood, TX

An air conditioning tune up can improve the comfort and reliability of your AC system. It can also help to lower your electrical bills by checking that your unit is running optimally. Our specialists will perform an inspection of your air conditioner and provide you with information on its overall condition.

We at Quality Comfort Air care about not only fixing your air conditioner but also providing you the knowledge you need for AC maintenance improvements. Before leaving your home, we will discuss any applicable recommendations that you can do to prolong the life, efficiency, and comfort of your AC system in order to fight off untimely and costly breakdowns. We also offer a variety of maintenance programs so that your unit is inspected regularly and you receive the best value for our services. We care that your home in Spring, The Woodlands, or the surrounding area remains cool and comfortable for years to come and recognize that HVAC maintenance is the #1 way to ensure that!

What’s Included in a Standard AC Tune-Up?

An Air Conditioner Tune Up with Quality Comfort Air includes:

  • Freon leak check (if needed)
  • Thermostat calibrations
  • Check amp draws on AC compressor
  • Inspection of all major AC parts (coils, compressors, evaporators, condensers)
  • Electrical connections check for corrosion, burnt wires, and loose connections
  • Tighten wire connections
  • Measure volts/amps on motors
  • Filter inspection & replacement (if needed)
  • HVAC duct inspection
  • Air leak check
  • Inspect condensate drains
  • Measure temperature difference

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Is your air conditioner overdue for an inspection and tune-up? Count on Quality Comfort Air to get the job done in Spring and the Woodlands. We have over 20 years of experience keeping out North Houston customers sheltered from the Texas heat. Our licensed and certified professional HVAC technicians can answer any question you may have about maintaining your AC system so that you get the most bang for your buck while keeping your home cool.

We have options available for every budget so that you can keep cool in the summer heat without breaking the bank. We service both residential and commercial AC units.

Contact us today to schedule your Air Conditioner Tune Up service in Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, or the surrounding areas!

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