Heating Repairs

Heating Repairs in Spring & The Woodlands, TX

Due to Houston’s hot temperatures, heating systems are not used as much as air conditioning systems–you may not even know heating repairs are needed until it’s time to use it. On the occasion that a chilly storm blows in, and you need your heating system, you want to make sure it’s safe, dependable, efficient, and working properly to warm your house on a cold winter night. That’s where Quality Comfort Air can help! Our heating repairs are done by professionals who perform quality work that quickly gets your system running again.Gas Burners

Gas Furnaces

An older gas furnace can have rust blocking the burners. This blockage can cause the furnace to run inefficiently and potentially be unsafe if there’s carbon monoxide build-up. All gas furnaces new or old should be checked for gas and carbon monoxide leaks–Quality Comfort Air will check all safety points for proper operation. The gas exhaust vent pipe will be checked for proper ventilation and cleanliness, which prevents breakdowns and ensures that your furnace is safe while providing warm, and clean air.

Our Residential Parts Warranty

Our residential warranty on parts replaced during a service call comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty. Our one-year warranty more than triples the average industry standard of 90 days. We offer this warranty to our customers because we believe that the parts and services we provide should last well past 90 days. Most parts replaced, will last five years or more depending on usage and keeping up to date with maintenance on the unit. We also offer three different heating maintenance packages; platinum, gold and silver.

Follow This Checklist Before Calling UsTechnician Repairing System

  • Make sure your filters are clean and do not need to be replaced.
  • Check your thermostat batteries to ensure they don’t need replacement. If you’re unsure of how to check this, refer to your thermostat manual. (Not all thermostats need batteries.)
  • Check the breaker(s) for the heater to make sure they are on.

Did You Know?

Most costly repairs can be prevented by routine maintenance and inspections. If your heater is not heating to a proper and satisfying temperature or tripping the electrical breaker, you should call a heating expert at Quality Comfort Air to schedule a service appointment–it could help prevent further damage to your heating unit.

Get A Fast Response

We understand the importance of a fast response for your all of your heating repairs. If you’re unsure about performing any of these repair checklist items, contact us today–one our technicians will be happy to assist you!