Air Conditioning Maintenance in Kingwood, TX

Living in Texas means high-quality air conditioning is absolutely essential. To ensure your unit is capable of handling the Kingwood summer heat, you need to take care of it!

Quality Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offers air conditioning maintenance in Kingwood to make sur your AC unit is ready to keep up with the heat. It’s more than just replacing the air filter: it’s a check on all moving parts of the machine to see that it is all in good working order. If any issues arise, your technician will inform you and proceed with whatever repairs are necessary with your permission.

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Why AC Maintenance Matters

Annual AC maintenance and tune-ups helps keep your unit in top shape. The #1 best way to extend the life of your system is by keeping up with regular maintenance at least once a year. An air conditioner is a big investment, so you want to do everything you can to preserve that investment! We will come to your home in the spring before you turn your air on to inspect it, and since the high temperatures last through most of the fall, we will return in the late summer or early fall to make sure your AC is still in good shape.

If your air conditioner isn’t quite keeping up with your demands, it may require repairs or, if it is beyond repair, total AC replacement. Proper AC maintenance lowers the risk of emergency AC repair overhauls, and replacements, which keeps you comfortable and keeps your wallet happy.

Our AC Maintenance Services in Kingwood, Texas

We’ve had years of experience servicing air conditioners throughout Kingwood and the greater Montgomery County, TX area and have refined our tune-ups to be thorough yet efficient. Your AC tune-up includes:

  • Clearing clogged condensate drain lines
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Calibrating thermostat
  • Cleaning and/or replacing air filter
  • Checking all moving parts
  • Inspecting air ducts

We offer a variety of maintenance programs to make sure you never miss a tune-up. Our valued maintenance program members receive priority service and a variety of discounts based on the program. We encourage you to take a look at the options and sign up today to keep your Kingwood air conditioner running smoothly all year long!

In addition to AC maintenance services in Kingwood, we also perform AC repair, emergency AC repair, and AC installation/replacement. Contact us online or call us at 832-663-5373 for AC maintenance and more in Kingwood!

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Kingwood, TX

Whether your air conditioner is showing signs of struggle or not, it’s never a bad idea to sign up for a maintenance call! If you care about the longevity of your unit, we highly recommend you sign up for a Quality Comfort Air maintenance program to ensure the comfort of you and your family throughout the summer heat.

Contact us online or call us at 832-663-5373 to sign up for an AC maintenance program and schedule your maintenance today!