Why Does Furnace Efficiency Matter?

If you’re evaluating your current furnace or thinking about a new furnace and researching different options, you’re liking finding out a lot about the different options available to you and what each one means in terms of comfort, safety, and cost. It can feel lot a lot to sort through and figure out. Variables such as furnace size, type, and quality of installation can affect comfort and performance. You may be wondering, “Why Does Furnace Efficiency Matter?” Furnace efficiency matters because it is the most important factor about your furnace when it comes to its operation, cost, and longevity.

How Is Furnace Efficiency Measured?

Efficiency ratings are measured in AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), a number which represents the percentage of the fuel used which is converted into heat for your home. For example: a furnace with a 90 percent AFUE uses 90 percent of each unit of fuel to heat your home, while only 10 percent is lost as a result of combustion.

Older furnaces may have an AFUE of 70 percent or lower, causing you to pay more in energy costs each month while sacrificing comfort. Today’s new high efficiency models are rated between 90 and nearly 98 percent AFUE with very little waste.

The Benefits of a High Efficiency Furnace

Rising fuel costs and a concern for the environment have increased awareness among homeowners about the need for more energy efficient solutions for everyday tasks, including heating. The benefits of installing a high efficiency furnace include:

  • Cost savings – A high efficiency furnace is an investment towards the comfort and safety of your family, and one that will pay for itself within a few years of purchase through reduced energy usage.
  • Prolonged lifespan – Innovative features allow this type of furnace to remove moisture from with the heat exchanger, and resist the accumulation of chemical residue. With regular annual maintenance and professional installation, your new furnace may last longer than an older or less efficient model.
  • Heightened performance –  A new furnace is made using the latest technology, so you can benefit from enhanced heating capabilities, whisper quiet operation, and a host of other improvements.
  • Increased airflow – With a variable speed motor you’ll enjoy consistent, even heating through every room in your home, and breathe easier with enhanced filtration.
  • Environmentally friendly – By using less fuel to heat your home you’ll reduce your environmental footprint.

With all this in mind, the importance of furnace efficiency is clear!

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