Summertime Energy Saving Tips in Texas

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Summertime Energy Saving Tips in Texas

Living in Texas almost everyone is looking for summertime energy saving tips in Texas. Below you will find some easy tips to help reduce your electric bill.

  • Have your thermostat set at 78* . Every degree of extra cooling could raise your usage by 6-8%
  • FYI – setting your thermostat to a cooler temp than what you usually have it set to will not help cool your house faster
  • Install a programmable thermostat raise the temperature during the day when you’re not home, and to cool the house down before you arrive home. Can save around 10-20% energy use.
  • On extreme hot days or when you are going to be out of the house for more than 4 hours raise it to 80*-82*
  • Utilize fans whether ceiling or portable. The fans will help circulate the air and can make the room feel 4-6* cooler
  • Make sure that doors and windows are shut tight and sealed properly to help keep hot air out
  • Use blinds and/or curtains to help block the sun
  • Make sure that your A/C is maintained. Keep it cleaned and clear of debris so the air can flow
  • Keep A/C air filters clean
  • Turn off lights, TVs. computer, etc. when not using them. Unplug them if possible when not using
  • Use power strips where possible
  • Replace regular light bulbs with CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) they use 75% less electricity and put off 90% less heat
  • Look into solar shade screens or window tint or energy efficient windows

You can go to http://www.texasishot.org/quick-tips/ for more energy saving tips.